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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I want to have a form question that is single select. I want the answers to be a long sentence. However, when the form is shown, the sentence is cropped after about 4 words.
Is there a way to set this up so the form looks correct?
Choose one of the following:

  1. Blue is my favorite [form truncates here] color because of xyz
  2. Green is my…
  3. Red is my…
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What size screen are you viewing the form on? I just tried creating a single select with long text of varying lengths. In a form view, none of them cut off after only four words. They did cut off eventually, but it was more like 16 words for the longest one (lots of short words). I even tried viewing my test form on my phone, but it only cropped the long entries based on the screen width.

Unfortunately there aren’t any options to word-wrap the entries for single- or multiple-select fields. One possible way to work around this is to make the actual single-select choices short, and use the optional “help text” in the form field setup as the place to put the longer description tied to each item:

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 1.10.59 AM

If you want to see these longer descriptions in your base, make a formula field that uses the SWITCH() function to display the related long text for each short choice:

  "Blue", "Just the best color in the whole dang universe",
  "Green", "Totally trounces blue in every way",
  "Orange", "Smart!"

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 1.17.51 AM