Form upload from camera too slow / files too large

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey Airtable community -
I’ve got a form we intend to use daily to catalog pictures of our daily jobs.

The form I’ve made is linked to our “jobs in progress” page and the idea is then that we open the form “upload attachment”, “from camera”, and then snap a quick photo from someones, boss, employee, whoever’s phone. Then it should upload the pic and update the primary record.

I’ve got it all working as intended, but the problem is the default picture size on everyones phone is 2 to 3 MB or more, and then we end up having to wait over a minute to upload different pics / angles of the job, when it should really be much faster.

These pics are primarily just for liability, colour reference and potentially some social media so they don’t need to be high resolution.

I was thinking maybe find a super old phone with smaller pics but seems like a wonky solution, wondering if there’s anything more elegant to speed it all up.

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Any upload from a mobile device—to Airtable or any other server—can only go as fast as the connection that device is using. There’s nothing that can be done on Airtable’s end to optimize the process. The upload speed can only improve by using a faster connection and/or smaller images.