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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

So I have the following tables:

Teachers (can have many students)

Students (have only have teacher for each student)

I'd like to create a form where if I choose a teacher (or multiple teachers), it shows only their relevant students in a dropdown.

Is this possible?

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This isn't currently possible with Airtable forms because the form only provides a limited live look at the underlying data. I believe this can be done with some third-party form systems (JotForm and On2Air:Forms come to mind).

However, I believe this could be done using a custom interface. The method that comes to mind most readily is to use the "Record review" interface style, with the student records driving the contents. A filter could then be added that would limit the displayed students based on the link field that points to the selected teacher.

Can you elaborate on the custom interface? or have accompanying links to further read that approach?

Here's the support page where you can learn more about using the Interface Designer feature to create a custom interface: