Formstack Integration - Creating a Formstack document using data for different tables in Airtable

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a fairly simple database containing 5 or 6 tables. All of these tables are joined one way or another.

I am trying to create a word document using Formstack and to run it via the manual integration which I intend to automate through the use of a button in an Interface when I get this working.

I have built my first document and mapped all of the field tokens from my Airbase table into my Formstack document and it works a treat.

I have now gone to build my second document which uses some fields from the table which I am in when I select the record in Airtable from the integration but it also references so fields from another table albeit in the same base. These fields do not pull through.

I have recreated a link field and chosen to show the “add look ups” fields from the other table in the table where I am running the document form, re-written the placeholder references for Formstack and hey presto, it works!

Is there any other way to do it with the references I already have in the placeholders or do I have to re-write them all to go via the look up field references?



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