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Hello Airtable Superheroes!

A major frustration with the Gantt block for our team is being restricted to using two input date fields. It would be so nice to be able to have one of them be a formula, so we can drag the dates around, which would change one of the dates and then the formula can update based on a duration input field. This seems silly, because you can just drag things around already, but if someone manually updates a record’s start date (which is very difficult to control with the current permissions scheme), the end date does not automatically update, nor does the gantt automatically shift to accommodate the change.

Another super feature, would be to have the gantt show how many records are scheduled for each day. Because the gantt view is so “big” and blocky, it makes a lot of scrolling up and down is required to have a an idea of the number of tasks scheduled for each day. Giving a summary in the top date bar would be a HUGE help.

Alternatively, I was going to try a common work around using a linked record field as the date, then doing a rollup on the Date table. However, this doesn’t work at all with the gantt, because I can’t use the linked record as an input for the gantt dates. If I could that might be a usable work around, then color records when more than 2 or 3 tasks are scheduled for the same day, but that would still be much less useful than the summary bar.

I admit, it is getting frustrating the number of things I can see in Airtable (summaries or nice visual data), that I cannot access for formulas, filters, or colors.

Thank you for listening!

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