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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have 3 “Yes or No” single select fields and 3 email fields. If the answer is yes I want the corresponding email to be added and a comma to separate the emails. I can’t seem to figure the correct formula out:

Review 1 (Single Select Field) (Yes or No)
Review 2 (Single Select Field)(Yes or No)
Review 3 (Single Select Field)(Yes or No)

Email 1 (Lookup Field) (
Email 2 (Lookup Field) (
Email 3 (Lookup Field) (

If Review 1 is YES add Email1 and a comma (if NO add nothing)
If Review 2 is YES add Email2 and a comma (if NO add nothing)
If Review 3 is YES add Email3 (if NO add nothing but would not want the comma from previous YES)

Any help would be appreciated!

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        IF({Review 1} = "Yes", {Email 1} & ", "),
        IF({Review 2} = "Yes", {Email 2} & ", "),
        IF({Review 3} = "Yes", {Email 3})
    ", $",

Thank you so much! The one issue is if Review 1, 2 or 3 are NO it is still putting the email address in the formula field.

Oops. I was thinking that they were checkboxes. I updated the formula.

I appreciate it! One last thing. If say Review 1 is YES and Review 2 and Review 3 are NO it leaves a comma at the end or if Review 1 is NO and Review 2 is YES and Review 3 is NO it leaves a comma at the end.

It does not leave a comma at the end in my base. Can you please share a screen capture?


Even if there’s a comma at the end, it should still recognize the email as a valid entry when composing. BTW, most email programs, including outlook, require a " ; " between addresses and won’t working with a comma

Can you also include a screen shot of the configuration of the formula field? It looks like there also is no space after the comma. The formula that I provided would have had a space after each comma.

I removed the space after the comma because the automation in AirTable (Outlook Email) would not work with the space added:

IF({CCO to Review}= “YES”, {CCO Email} & “,”),
IF({Designee to Review}= “YES”, {Approver Email} & “,”),
IF({Alternate to Review}= “YES”, {Alternate Email})
“, $”,