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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello all

I know there is no "one size fits all" answer to this question - but I am desperate to get it resolved.

Keen on anyones ideas / thoughts on a front end solution for Airtable.  At the moment I use lots of shared bases - which does the job, but I would love other users to be able to edit and comment on records.

Requirements are :

  • Ability to edit / update / add Airtable records
  • All data / backend to be stored in Airtable 
  • Needs to look clean / classy / professional / snappy - but I would be creating a functional website used to manage projects - not necessarily sell things
  • Ability for users (that I invite) to be able to log in and add comments   Only up to about 10 users.  Log in process should be very easy (I like Glideapps method of using an email pin)
  • Grouping a list of data essential (ie - grouping by category / type) - just like you can in an Airtable grid view.
  • Scaleable - initially I want to use it as a simple "Maintenance log" - where users can log issues.  Eventually I would like to use it for inventories, schedules, condition reporting etc.
  • Ideally priced around $30 p/month
  • IN active development - being improved all the time

So far I have tried :

  • Softr is winning for me at the moment. Built a nice website this morning.  Could do with a few more layout options - but I may be missing something.  I would need the professional plan which is over my budget though (typically - I only need a little more than the cheapest paid plan offers)
  • Glideapps is promising too - but I have doubts over its scaleability.
  • Stacker just looks too expensive.  
  • Miniextensions looks good, but I just don't get their pricing/
  • Airtable Extensions would have been ideal(ish) - except for the lack of custom domain.  But Airtables pricing is nuts.  I could manage with users just commenting - with 10 users that would be approx $200 p/month - not worth it.
  • Have also tried Pory - didn't get very far - happy to give it another go.


Any thoughts / suggestions would be much appreciated!



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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I am leaning towards Glide if anyone is interested. 

anyone have any experience with Glide?

@Andrew_Davies    Did Glide work out for you?  I am looking front end for apps that I built in airtable.  I would eventually like some of these to be open to our customers as a form of self servicing.  Budget isn't the most important thing for us, as most of the products you mention seem to be around $100/mo.  

Would love to hear what you chose and how its working for you and what limitations it has that you weren't aware about?



Sorry for the slow reply. Have you got anywhere yet?

Glide has worked out well for me but it’s not perfect. I guess that’s the nature of no-code - there is an inevitable compromise. 

One of my issues is there is so much choice!  I delve into one solution thinking it’s the bees knees, only to hit a road block after several wasted days. But that said, I have settled on Glide (for now at least)

it’s an ever changing market though and definitely worth keeping an eye on what is available. Thinks are l improving all the time. 

Likewise - would be interested to hear how you get on!