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4 - Data Explorer


I am working on a database that control a fuel tank.

Every record show the input or output of litres that is done on the tank.

I have done a form to quick access and entry data.

But i would like to add on that form a field that show the real amount of litres on the tank

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Hi @Samuel_Molero_Malo and welcome to the community!

Could you elaborate your question a bit more? Are we talking about prefilled forms here, or a number in your gridd view, …?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


I mean, i have a fuel tank. It only have a counter that shows the total of litres that have been extracted from the tank.

First day , i fill it with 1000 litres (for example).

After this, i have a web form where my users fill it with the data of each refill they do.

They have to add: date, driver’s name, vehicle,… and the number of litres that the tank’s counter show.

Then if i can recover the final value of the counter for the last record, i can avoid to entry this number again and laso i can check if it has been any refilled that has not been recorded.

Then …. Is there any way to recover the value of a field of the last récord and prefill another field with this value for the new récord?

Thank you for your time.

You can use a system of roll ups to determine the last record linked to the fuel tank. Then you can use a button field to open a form prefilled with that last value.

I am away from my computer right now, so I do not have the links for how to create the system of rollups. The technique has been posted a few times in this community and I believe there are YouTube videos. You can probably find it if you search these forums.