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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I’ve created a shared expenses table. Within, I have a single-select column A with “Full” or “Split”, in which expenses are split 50/50. The adjacent column B I would like to have a function where “Full” items would be 100% and “Split” items 50%. Basically each cell’s function in column B is affected by column A’s item. Any simple way to accomplish this? Thanks!

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I’m not sure where you envision your data versus your controls, but let me run something by you that’s along the same lines as your example, and you tell me if it fits or needs adjusting:

Single select
values = ‘Full’,‘Split’

value = $ cost of expense

formula = IF(ColumnA='Split',ColumnB/2,ColumnB)

Is that kind of what you had in mind?