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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everybody !
I am using project planning with gantt template.
It includes start date and end date. So I have two questions :

=> Is it possible to automatically set up end date with a duration time (eg: 60 days) ? There is a duration time but only in minutes / seconds that does not seem to be linked with start & end dates ?
=> Is it possible to automatically set up start date with end date of the predecessor task ?

Thanks for your help ! I am just starting…


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Yes, create a formula field for the end date that adds the duration to the start date using the DATEADD() function. If the duration will be different for different records, put the duration in its own field. If the duration is in days, use a regular number field.

Not completely automatically. That will create a circular reference, and Airtable doesn’t like circular references. You can write a script that will do this, but you will have to manually run the script.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks a lot for your answer ! I’ll try tonight.
Do you know if it is possible to count only open days and exclude week-ends and holidays ?

Use the WORKDAY() function instead of DATEADD(). The details for how to deal with holidays is in the formula field reference.

Thanks ! that’s perfect ! it’s my second day only but I guess I 'll get familiar with the tool rapidly !