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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

My problem is a bit tough to explain, but I’ll try my best:
I have a table with car allocations per people. Those change on a daily basis, so I have many records for each car, and many records for each person.
The relevant fields are: Start date, car number, person ID, end date.
Sometimes there could be months between start and end date, and sometimes there are days or even hours.
What I’m looking for is an easy way to find for a specific date and a specific car - which person had it during that time.
Sometimes I want it the other way around - for a specific date and specific person - which car he had during that time.
At the moment what I’m doing is filtering by person ID or by car and looking for all the different allocations, manually checking to see where my date falls between start and end dates.
Any idea for an easier way to do that? With Access for example I would create a query. I couldn’t find any easy way to do it within Airtable.

Any idea would be helpful.

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Unfortunately, filtering records is the only native option that Airtable provides.

It might help you to change your filter to show you “greater than” or “less than” a certain date.

You can also create different views to save different filters, which might make it easier to come back to different filters later.

Your only other option would be to write a custom JavaScript script with the scripting app to perform a more complex search for you.

You mentioned Access. In general, you might be better served by Access or FileMaker if you’re doing a lot of queries, because Airtable is simply not a powerful nor robust database tool. It is just a basic spreadsheet app with some basic database functionality thrown into it.