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I am a freelance consultant, and built a table for me to track billable client calls. I synced with my Google calendar. I would like for the “client” column to be updated automatically based on who is a participant in the call (i.e. if "Jim Jones is a participant, then update “Client” to Jim & Co.). How do I set up this automation?

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Hi @Lexie_Gruber-Perez
I do not see your synced Google Calendar in your screenshot. If you add a new table you can sync it with a google calendar. This will pull in details like Attendees.
A automation to run when new entry is created on the Synced Google Calendar tab, then Find a record the Client table where client email matches Attendee email. Update the Client record with details from the new calendar event

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I’ve synced my Google calendar and will try following the steps.

For a bit more detail, the “people” tab lists all the individuals associated with a client. For example, one of my clients is Joe, and he works at Savory Inc. He is listed under the “People” tab and connected to “Savory Inc.” as the client.

My goal is that when I have a call scheduled by someone with an email ending in …, then the Client column in “calls” will auto populate with “SavoryInc.”

Can you please share your screenshot for the “Find Records” step? I’m not sure how to link to another table as a condition (i.e. condition = where [attendees] contains [link to people tab]