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Google Calendar sync no longer working

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Existing Airtable Links [Shared Calendar View] are no longer updating on Google Calendar ie this is totally unrelated to the normal 24hr+ Google timelag !
Any New Links that are created, although accepted by the Google “add new calendar” option, does not contain any information ie events.
I have rebooted PC, reinstalled Chrome and even created new Calendar views with new “Shared Links” and even that hasn’t helped.
Any ideas ?

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Can someone from Airtable please chime in here? I see this question asked multiple times with no responses. I too am having this issue and I’m at a loss.

You would need to email Airtable Support at The Airtable team rarely chimes in here. This is just a forum for users who are using the product.

I found a workaround to this problem, by Archiving last years Calendar events (effectively reducing the file size - 4500 records) and Airtable was able to resync once more with Google.
I think the issue may well be with Google, who probably restrict the data flow.
Airtable Support have suggested users can setup an Automation to avoid this issue, but I believe that would populate your primary Google Calendar (not ideal for my use but it may suit others)