Google sheets to Airtable Automation - updating a linked field

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone. I’m trying to set up an automation to create new records in airtable when I update a row in a google sheet.

A little background, I’m using an email parser to gather order data from emails, which are then sent to the google sheet. I want the google sheet to then update my airtable orders page.

Mostly it seems to work, except that I can’t seem to update linked fields. For example on my orders page, each order is linked to a “Customer”, and I have a separate “Customers” page.

If my google sheet has a name for the order, it is unable to update the “Customer” field on the orders page. However, if I create a new column which instead of being linked to my “Customers” page, is just a single line text field, then it is able to update. However then I’d have to manually go in and edit the linked “customer” field.

Is there anyway to have the google sheets to airtable automation update a linked field? (Link to an existing customer?) Could it also create a new customer if the order is a first time thing?

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Airtable’s Google Sheets automation can only be triggered when you create a new row in Google Sheets, not when you update an existing row.

You could use an external automation tool, like my personal favorite Integromat, to watch for changes in Google Sheets: