Group Filter operations not working as expected

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello Community,

I'm needing more brain power to solve an issue filtering a table view.

Background: I have field technicians submit a log from their field work.
These logs are each pulled into Airtable and have a view that filters to a specific group of questions/answers so that we can use an automation based on how those questions are answered to address any issues.

We recently added some new questions to one of these groups.
I tried updating the filter to include these new questions, and it behaves unexpectedly.
I've attached a screenshot of the filter for the table.

The logic would say that if any of the 4 conditions in the condition group were not empty then the records that match would show up in the view, but that's not what happens.
As it is now with those conditions set like in the screenshot, I'm missing three records.
If I remove the first condition from that grouping (Did a Soiling...), then the missing records are all that show in the view.
That follows the logic, as these three records are the only ones that would have an entry in the three other conditions in the group (ARES...)

What I can't figure out is why, when I add in the other condition back to the group, does it remove the three missing and show all the others.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Could you provide screenshots of the record data as well?  Or even better, a simplified version of your base that I could poke at? 

Here's a link to view a simplified base.
Confusingly I'm able to get the filters to work correctly in that sample base, but applying the same filters in the actual base still act seemingly incorrectly.

My earlier attachment shows most of the filtering.
The filter group is centered around the column titled "Did a Soiling Kit Reset Occur", there's 4 different columns with that title.

Hmm, if the filters are working fine in the sample base and not your main base, that indicates it's probably a data related issue and not related to how you've got your filters set up though, and so the sample base wouldn't be able to help with troubleshooting I think

Are any of the relevant fields formula fields? 

No formula fields. All the columns are a long text field (no rich text) or a single line text.
All the data in these fields is entered through a Zapier setup.

Thanks for your time and help here - greatly appreciated.

Super weird.  Beyond double checking the Zaps I'm afraid I don't know what else I can suggest I'm afraid, sorry

Happy to take a look at this in your main base if you'd like, just DM me an invite and let me know which view to look at + which three are the problematic records