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Hi All,

I have quite a alot of views going on in one base, Is their a way that they can be better organised. Eg is their a way to have sub headings that contain multiple views? or put into folders that contain multiple view?

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the community, @Scott_Proud!

Unfortunately, grouping views is not possible, but that’s a great idea and you may want to email that as a feature request to

What you see is what you get with Views, but here are 2 ideas that might make things slightly easier:

  1. You can start your view names with emojis, so you can more easily distinguish them in the list.

  2. You can add a view description underneath each view name.

This is what using both of those techniques together would look like:


Thanks Mate, I do use the description’s they are quote handy. I will take your advise and email the support address.


Hi @Scott_Proud ! I wanted to share a quick update that we’ve releases a new “View sections” feature to help better organize and manage your views. You can learn more about it in this topic: Organize everything with view sections