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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I created already a few Airtable database, although I’m still a newbie :winking_face:
Before I start a database and table design, I try to make a drawing on paper, with the different tables, and especially the fields that are linked to another record and those that lookup information in another table. If you get these right, you’re more than halfway :winking_face:
Today I still use pen and paper to get the design roughly and with arrows drawn on paper, I can see the relationship between the fields in the tables, before I start programming.
My question is : Is there a handy tool, cloud-based and free ;), that would make these drawings and the design of the database easier ?
And if this simple tool would have an export to Airtable, so that you have already the database with the relational fields, that would be a great bonus :winking_face:
Thanks for your suggestions,

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @Michel_Billiau

I did a quick web search and I found a website that has a list of programs to help design databases.

After checking out the suggestion from @ScottWorld, I came across two more Apple apps.



Hope it helps.

Mary Kay

@Michel_Billiau If you’re on Mac, OmniGraffle has been a long-time favorite.

Thank you so much , and also Mary Kay for your suggestions, I’ll check them out.