Help creating a master calendar for a base?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there. I’m trying to build a base that summarizes my company’s social media, email, blog, and event activity and puts it all in a shared calendar. Google calendar on steroids, if you will.

I currently have sheets for social, email, blog, and events. Each of them have their own calendar views to organize things by date. What’s the best way to link up all of these calendars so that you can see everything at once? I’d like to get this to the point where users can filter to see any combination of the four categories.

I don’t want to put everything in the same sheet, because each category is so complex and has a bunch of workflows within its tab. Any suggestions on how to make a big, aggregate calendar?

Thank you!

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I second this! Any updates on this? I have three different marketing calendars on one base and would love a calendar view where I could see all of them.


This is a great solve for aggregating multiple tables into one “master calendar,” thank you! I copied your example Base, but when I try to duplicate a Table (I’ll need at least 5 Tables to aggregate onto the Calendar), I can’t get dates from the new duplicated Tables to populate on the Marketing Calendar calendar view.

I tried adjusting the Start/End Formula on the Marketing Calendar grid view, but I’m getting an error message saying the formula isn’t valid.

Any chance you could upload a video of creating this Base?

Hi @W_Vann_Hall - I'm new here and trying to understand this. When you said,

"...each marketing record must be explicitly linked to a record in the Marketing Calendar table..." do you mean each marketing record in the sample table you show? Or do you mean each marketing record in a different table(s) from what you show in your sample? (Sorry if I'm being dense here).
And then when you wrote instructions on how to do that, "The two rightmost columns in every effort record, regardless the type, are a Formula field, Key , and a Linked Records field, Link to Calendar." . . I do see the two rightmost columns in your sample table, but I don't see the Formula symbol at the top of the field. Have you maybe hidden it to make it not editable? What is the formula syntax that should go into that field? And when you reference "Link to Calendar," link to which Calendar? To a table called Calendar? To a field in a table?
And when you say, "When the user has created a new effort record, after completing whatever data entry is required, do you mean the user created a new (marketing) effort record in a different table than the one you show? Or the same table as what you are showing in your sample?
And when you say, ". . . he or she
  1. selects the Key field
  2. presses Ctrl-C to copy the key value
  3. R arrows into or selects the Link to Calendar field
  4. presses Ctrl-V to paste the key value into the linked record field." you mean the user selects a key field in the table you show? or in a different table?
Thanks in advance for any clarification,