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4 - Data Explorer

I can not figure out how to set the ‘Today’ date to my local time, so in my Gantt view, the blue line is always a day behind.

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Hey @Anaru_Karl!

Out of curiosity, have you set the field configuration properly for your time zone?


Alternatively, are you referencing a formula field for your date field?

Hi Ben, Thank you for your reply. Yes, looking at the screenshot below, you will see that my local date for today is correct.


This is a tricky one, since Airtable doesn’t handle time zones very well. Airtable is actually seeing your date as midnight in your current time zone, but the rest of the program sees your date as GMT time zone, which is the day before you.

There are several workarounds to solving this problem:

  1. One way to solve this problem would be to include the time, and choose a time that is in the middle of the day for you (or late in the day for you), so the GMT time zone will still be the same day as you.

  2. You could sign up for the new time zone beta. Then include the time, and then choose a time zone.

  3. You could create a formula field that forces the proper time zone onto your date. This is relatively tricky, so this should probably be your last resort. However, the positive side here is that you would avoid including a time.