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4 - Data Explorer

Can someone please guide me in the correct direction. 
we have client filling out forms and this form includes from 1-30 documents. 
Once the form is filled out a new record is created im my base. 
Now, here is the thing, I need to be able to separate these into different lines (one for each document) that way I can manage each file in a different way. Is this even possible? 

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Yeap it is, and how you would do it depends on whether you've got an attachment field per document, or just one attachment field for a variable number of documents!

If it's one attachment field per document, have an automation that triggers on form submit and add one conditional action per document field checking if the attachment field is empty, and if it's not, to create a record in another table as a separate line

If it's one attachment field that handles a variable number of documents, have an automation that triggers on form submit and use a repeating group with the attachments field as a list to create one record per document in another table