Help with multiple recurring reminders for health & safety audit

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4 - Data Explorer

I need to structure something that will help me keep track of and remind me of our weekly Fire Alarm tests, lighting tests and PAT testing etc.

Firstly, I need a notification/email/reminder every friday to alert me to do the call point tests.

Then a way to record that the call point test has been carried out.

A way to make any notes that may be needed in regards to the call point test.

A recurring ANNUAL fire drill reminder. (with checkbox/notes etc.)

A recurring ANNUAL emergency lighting test. (with checkbox/notes etc.)

A recurring MONTHLY lighting flick test. (with checkbox/notes etc.)

An Electrical Asset register.

A 3 yearly PAT Test reminder.

A 2 yearly PAT Test reminder for small appliances.

Thank you in advance for any tips you can give to help with these recurring reminders etc.

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You can use Airtable automations to send email reminders/notifications on a regular basis - weekly, monthly, annually. You can use the scheduled time trigger connected to a send email action.

The email could contain a link to an Airtable form where you record the details of the inspection/tests you have carried out. You might be able to have one form that covers every test or maybe a few different forms if the tests require you to capture different information.