How can I use a button to transfer (or copy) record to another table

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6 - Interface Innovator

At first, I was thinking of just linking the record, but doing that would make it so I have to fill out the field again. Instead, I would like to push the button, have it run a script that adds the text in column A in one table to column D in another.

In addition, it should check a box on the first table that indicates that it’s been pushed over.

Any help here would be immensely appreciated.

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Could you please share more details about your base setup, and the reason you want to copy data between tables? There may be some element of your base design that could be optimized to avoid the need to copy, but we’ll need more details before we can know for sure.

Sure, so right now there are three primary tables.

A content calendar, a keywords list, and a projects table.

The keywords list has linked records to the content calendar so we can easily create new records based on the keyword we’re going after. No need to copy the whole record, because the keyword only takes up one field.

The projects table on the other hand is segmented in two ways for each project - ideas and tasks - for the ideas, I want to use the button to copy multiple fields from those ideas into the content calendar rather than a single field like the linked records.

Instead of copying data between records, I suggest making a link, and then using lookup fields to pull in the other fields you want from the [Projects] table. That’s one of the main purposes of linking records: so you can look up other data from the linked record without needing to copy that data into the record where you’re making the link.

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

If (for whatever reason) you still need to move records between tables, we’ve built 2 extensions for that:

  1. Moving records between tables.
  2. Copying records to another tables.