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6 - Interface Innovator

I have a form that I have the following set up

It’s a self serve purchase center.
I have a condition - have you ever purchased from our company before

if the person selects yes, I show the Sync field that contains all the companies we’ve done business with.

User picks their company; I have the fields in the table to auto show through roll-up the full address for that company and the current status of their W9 from us - If I do manual entry through the VIEW in the table but not through the form.

I can’t seem to get any way to trigger to show the address information for that Company that was selected in the form so the person can answer the “Is this Correct ?”.

In my old days I built this entire form in Excel - so I know it can be done, in some automated way.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and answer.

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That is not possible to do with Airtable’s native forms.

You can do that with the combination of JotForm + On2Air Forms.

You can also do it with

I agree with Scott about the technical answer - but have you considered that if you take this approach you are effectively publishing your full client list through a form?

Yes I have - and that is why I want to limit what is visible and how.

In my old world of Excel and MySql we had them enter the company name in a field and do a lookup that auto returned the Street address only for verification. I tried doing something like that here but I kept running into the it can’t pull from the DB like PHP lookup or a standard lookup would do.

While I like some of the way cool flexibility of Airtable, and such, it really does not replace a fully formed relational database / complex excel workbook.

More so I am starting to see the same problem I’ve got with a lot of these tools. Base functionality missing - only to have to buy an extension for this. As an consultant - it’s starting to be I spend more on plugins, extensions, tools, for projects than going back to some of the old tried and true ways.