How do I slice a cell with multiple entries and make duplicate rows with just that piece of information?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys!

One table that I use is about projects.

  • One of the fields is a multiple select that allows me to select which employees are working on that project.
  • Another field is a start date, and another field is an end date.

I would like to make a new table that links to the above-mentioned table that has an employee (one) as the first field with that project they are working on as another, and the individual start and end dates.

My end goal is to make to calendars:

  • One of the projects
  • Another of my employee’s schedule.

How can I do this?

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Change the multiple select to a “linking to table” field.

Use lookup fields to pull in the projects each person is working on. User another lookup for the dates.

You will not however be able to make a calendar view from dates in a lookup.

So maybe what you need is a calendar view for each employee on that main table. Filter the calendar so only projects for that employee comes up