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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Good morning all! First of all, I’m just getting into Airtable and it’s brilliant. I love it! Goodbye spreadsheets!

I did some research on the accessibility (as in, WCAG web standards that allow the disability community to participate) and I haven’t found much. So I’m turning to y’all!

My question is: does Airtable have any level of accessibility compliance for those who are blind/have low vision? For example, the option to have appropriate color contrast or adjust text size is pretty basic compliance. (If so, how do I enable this?) The ability to navigate entirely with the shift key and a screen reader (what blind people use to hear text read out loud) is on the “A+ you get a gold star!” level of compliance.

Anything I can brag to my team about when I introduce them to Airtable?

If not, is this something the lovely Airtable team is thinking about or working on?

(Either/both on the Airtable end and the form end.)

Thank you so much for any input!

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Hi @Lindsay_Jean, and welcome to the community!

You might want to read this thread.

Have there been any updates since then, even on basics like keyboard navigation? Does airtable have an accessibility roadmap?


5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I've just had a complaint about the airtable form failing for a low vision community member attempting to register for an event. The lack of response here is frustrating.