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4 - Data Explorer

Good morning all! First of all, I’m just getting into Airtable and it’s brilliant. I love it! Goodbye spreadsheets!

I did some research on the accessibility (as in, WCAG web standards that allow the disability community to participate) and I haven’t found much. So I’m turning to y’all!

My question is: does Airtable have any level of accessibility compliance for those who are blind/have low vision? For example, the option to have appropriate color contrast or adjust text size is pretty basic compliance. (If so, how do I enable this?) The ability to navigate entirely with the shift key and a screen reader (what blind people use to hear text read out loud) is on the “A+ you get a gold star!” level of compliance.

Anything I can brag to my team about when I introduce them to Airtable?

If not, is this something the lovely Airtable team is thinking about or working on?

(Either/both on the Airtable end and the form end.)

Thank you so much for any input!

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Hi @Lindsay_Jean, and welcome to the community!

You might want to read this thread.