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How to automatic export to csv?

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Hello. Right now i’m using air table to manage student information for my study abroad bussiness. It’s very good . But there’s one small problem, i want to automatic export data every day, but i cannot using the API through zapier because it’s not support automatic export. So is there any way i can do this and beside airtable, is there any other tool with similar function but support automatic export. Thanks in advance.

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I’d also be interested in hearing about automated export where that’s possible.

It would be really great to be able to export csv autmoatically and handy, current API is way to limiting for that regards

We built a tool that allows you to export your Airtable data automatically and you can schedule it to run regularly (e.g. everyday, every hour…etc).

@Hoa_Tran You can use Integromat, similar to Zapier, but does support daily trigger.

Here is a very simple tool for setting up an endpoint for CSV export