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I have a Formula field that gives me a number. How can I convert it to a String text? I have viewed the entire reference article but I don’t find it.


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I realize you’ve already figured this out, but as a breadcrumb for future searchers, to convert a numeric value to a string, simply concatenate it with the empty string (""):



{NumericValue} & ""

I didn’t remember how I solved this nor in what base I needed :grinning_face_with_sweat: Anyway thanks for the tip! :raised_hands:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Is there a way to preserve the currency formatting when converting a number to a string? For example, I’d like to keep the dollar sign and the comma when converting the dollar amount $10,000 to text.

Existing Number/Currency Field

Desired Result/Text Field
"You won $10,000!"

Thank you!

Say field with the amount is called “Money”, the formula may be:
CONCATENATE(“You won $”,{Money},"!")

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Andre,

Thanks for your quick reply! This works - but I lose the comma in the 10,000. The result is this:

“You Won $10000!”

Any idea how to preserve the comma?

Thanks Again!

As I recall, I was never able to preserve the comma but had to manually parse and reformat the output. I just spent a half-hour looking for my base with the code to do that – and I’m stumped. If I manage to dig it up, I’ll post it…

You can use this:
CONCATENATE(“You won $”,LEFT(MoneyTxt,2),",",RIGHT(MoneyTxt,3),"!")

First I created a field “MoneyTxt”, where the amount “10000” was created.
Of course the formula should go a little deeper thinking of every instance where the amount may be 7 figures or 3, 4 and so on. But this works with 5 figures.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

If your numbers can be of various lengths you can do if statements, and the formula can get very long, I did it for up to 7 figures:

(IF(LEN(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""))=4,(LEFT(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""),1) & "." & RIGHT(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""),3)),IF(LEN(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""))=5,(LEFT(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""),2) & "." & RIGHT(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""),3)),IF(LEN(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""))=6,(LEFT(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""),3) & "." & RIGHT(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""),3)),IF(LEN(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""))=7,(LEFT(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""),1) & "." & MID(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""),4,3) & "." & RIGHT(CONCATENATE({Final Sales},""),3)),{Final Sales})))))

See my recent post in ‘Show and Tell’ for some [reasonably, I think] robust routines for ‘pretty-printing’ numbers and currency into user-friendly strings.