How to display totals from one table in another based on criteria

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Hi everyone - question here.
I run a hostel that has different types of rooms. I have a table set up with a realtime feed of new bookings coming in. I have another table set up with room specs.
I want to use the second table to analyse data in the first, for instance revenue per room type, which I can then combine with the SQM of the room for example, to see what room type works best.
How do I filter and display revenue per room type (or avg stay, or whatever else) from one table into another?

Free hostel night in the center of Prague, Czech Republic for anyone that helps me out here! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @Daniel_Goris,

I guess that you have already created the link to field between the two table right?

So if not you have to. Then in the table you want to display the totals you have to create a new “Roll up” field based on that specific link to field. Then you can chose the fields from the second table you wan to add in your totals and choose in aggregation “sum(values)”

You can also request totals based on conditions.

Please try this and tell us if it work. For any further help do not hesitate to text us back.

Yours sincerely,
Dimitris Goudis

hi Dimitris, thanks for your response. I actually made a little test base, linked and with rollup function, and it works like a charm. The only difference is that one of the fields in my original base is a formula combining a few values in another field - could that be the issue?

Thanks agian, help is much appreciated.

What do you mean it combines data?

If this formula sums the data then its not an issue but in case you want to request text values then the sum(values) will not work…

To be honest I didn’t get what exactly is the difference in your real system


in the real one i have as example in one field:

double room

double room with balcony

This data comes from our property management system via Zapier.

In the next field, a formula combines these two into one room type: double room (I have several of these instances where i need to simplify the original data a bit in order to get the overview we need).

That one i then want to link to another table where i can analyse performance per room type: rollup revenue, look at occupancy, calculate yield per square meter and so on.

Hope that clarifies? I can make a few screenshots when i am back at my desk.

Thanks again!


Without investigation at all in your case, I can tell you than with roll up you can request the unique counting of the values. But if you want to sum up all those values separately based on their value you may set a formula that will convert those text values into numbers in order to be doable to sum them in rollup aggregation.

Try the solution in a test base but with exact case and then we can see what is the best option for you. Feel free to text me dm at any time.