Re: How to get rid of the "Getting started" popup?

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Hmm. I haven’t seen that for a while. I just created a new base in one of my accounts. The version of that panel that I see looks different from yours, which is odd, because I’m using the web app. Would assume everybody sees the same thing. What I see is pasted below.

Anyway, I just clicked the little x button (upper right corner) to make it go away and it went away. Your screenshot has a disclosure triangle like a v rather than an x, but have you tried clicking that?

Screenshot by Dropbox Capture

p.s. By the way, welcome to the Airtable Community! I don’t know whether MY response is helpful but you’ll find the best help in the world here.

Hello sir. Yes I clicked the disclosure triangle. But it only shrinks the popup window to a single line. And the popup keeps coming back again and again to its full size, which is very annoying. But since your panel is different than the one I get, I’ll try accessing Airtable through Chrome instead of Edge, just in case. Thanks for your help.

Odd. I was using Edge (Chromium) in Windows 11 when I took my screenshot. Just tested in Vivaldi and Firefox as well and see the same thing.

What OS are you using (name and version)? Or are you using an interesting, unusual browser?

Simply Edge in Windows 10. But finally, the browser won’t matter. I got a feedback from Airtable support team: the popup I get keeps showing the first 5 days after an Airtable account creation. And I guess I will get your popup, which can be dismissed, after these 5 loooong days. I’ll simply wait.

Thanks for your help.

Ah, I see. Thanks for getting back on this.

I decided to sign up for a new trial account myself just to see what the process looks like these days. (Good for me to know, as I’m sending clients to Airtable.) I did find the exact panel or popup you showed in your OP.

I have to add that I found the process of getting from creating my credentials to reaching the Airtable workspace to be really annoying. I understand that they’re trying to take people by the hand and get them working in Airtable without falling on their faces. Totally understand that. But gosh, there need to be more “Skip for now” buttons in all those officious “Let us make it easy for you!” dialogs.

I’ll have to warn my users about this. Thanks for your post.

@Pierre_Savard it is quite annoying for seasoned users. The only way I was able to get rid of the pop up permanently was to complete all of the tutorial steps.

I’m helping a small team of 4 to get going with Airtable. I had to go through the whole “Skip for now” process 4 times. And for the last 2 times, there was NO “Skip for now” on the last page of the account creation process, only something like a “Get started” link. Luckily for me, I managed to skip the “Get started” process by clicking on the back arrow (previous page) of my browser.

Thanks for your thougths and comments.

Thanks. I’ll try your solution if I’m not able to get rid of the “Get started” popup 5 days after the accounts creation.

It is possible that the dialog will remain until the user has completed the tutorial steps. This includes creating views, and fields and whatnot.

Quite possible, yes. I’ll wait a few more days before trying your solution. Thanks.

It looks like this thread was closed automatically about two weeks ago, but Jordan re-opened it. I’m curious to see if we will find out why the thread was re-opened and what direction the thread will take.

It has been a while since I have had to guide someone through the getting started process. However, the last few times, I recall the screen was very busy and looked overwhelming. I wonder if a re-design is in the works?

While I like the idea of a guided tour, I think that the user should be in charge of when to do the guided tour, if ever. And it would be nice for existing users to be able to restart the tour. Here are some possible use cases:

  • A new user creates an account under the guidance of someone who is introducing them to a new job. Both the new user and the mentor are interested in how to use a specific base and not general Airtable knowledge. They should be able to skip all the getting started guidance.
  • A user creates a second account (for example, they have an account for work and want a personal account under a non-work email address). This person is familiar with Airtable and doesn’t need any gettting started info ever.
  • A user created an account a long time ago, but let the account languish for a while. The user is coming back to Airtable and could use a refresher because the interface has changed and there are new features. This user should be able to invoke the getting started tour at a time when she can set aside a large chunk of time to go through the tour.

Hello Kuovonne. The thread was re-opened because I asked the Airtable staff to do so. I didn’t know that it would auto-close and I wanted to share what finally happened with the popup: after a few days (more than the 5 days the Airtable support was saying), a button to close/dismiss the popup appeared. My user clicked the button and the popup is now forever gone. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree with you about the guided tour. I’ll add a variant to your first use case, my situation: I’m helping a small team to get going with Airtable. They won’t EVER create databases or tables. I’m doing that for them. So the guided tour was quite annoying while they were doing their first steps querying their databases. Let’s hope that the Airtable team will fix that someday.

Thanks for your comments.

Thank you for coming back and sharing what finally happened! And than you for taking the extra effort to get the thread re-opened.

I feel that auto-closing threads after 15 days is a bit too soon for exactly this reason. It can take a while for people to work through things and report back.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

The solution is simply to be patient. As stated in some of the previous posts, a closing button will eventually appear in the popup to make it disappear for good. It definitively takes more than 5 calendar days, though. I’m not sure how many.

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4 - Data Explorer

This is honestly a really annoying first impression. I just want airtable as a product to get out of my way and let me be productive. I appreciate the help dialogs, but all that is needed is a simple X to close it out. Instead, airtable seems to have a philosophy of nagware. This shouldn't be hard. You're really trying to force me to set up an automation?? This problem has been here for over a year??