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How to make an editable column in a synched base

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We have several bases that we need to synch to a primary base. All fields need to synch except one. We have downloadable files that we need to change out for each synched base, but cannot edit them once we synch once we do this. Does anyone know how we can synch our bases and leave that once column editable?

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It is not possible to edit a synced field in a synced table. A synced value can only be edited in its original base, not in the grid view of the synced table. There are complex workarounds involving code for using the REST API to trigger a code change in from the synced table back in the original base, but they are fairly complicated.

It is possible to add a new editable field to a synced table. You add the editable field to the synced table the same way you add a new field to any other table. Note that the source table will be unaware of this editable field in the synced table.

Also, to make things a little easier for you when editing your records in your source table, you can add a button field to your destination table that will take you back to the original record in the source table for quick editing there.

I think this will work, thank you!