How to print calendar view in full?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

When I’m printing view in calendar view, the words are truncated. Is there a way around this?

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @Karen Wong

If the calendar item is not fully showing, it appears that others are having the same issue.

Here is the discussion thread.

If this answers your question, can you check off the solution option, so that others might know that this issue is still outstanding and not available.

The workaround for printing calendars is to share an iCal subscription link from your calendar view, and then subscribe to that subscription link from another calendar program that has excellent printing options, such as BusyCal on Mac (or Google Calendar or whatever calendar app you prefer to use).

So basically, the workaround for this is to subscribe to your Airtable calendar from another calendar app, and then print from there.

Thanks @ScottWorld for the help and updating the discussion thread.


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

You should pay attention to what type of calendar you choose and which platform you like to use when printing the calendars.

I always use this platform and choose a printable calendar I like or feel matches my mood each month. I love that you can print them easily, and you shouldn’t spend a lot of time editing or trying multiple times to get those perfect printed calendars. Moreover, they helped me so much to organize my time and not forget important events that I became kind of obsessed with them.