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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m trying to create a formula to do “high to low” and “low to high” features on our website. It is not working right. I wanted to show just the cheapest if there are multiple rooms available in a property but it does not work right. Here’s the formula that I did. IF(IF(IF(IF(IF(IF(IF(FIND(“$895”, {Price (from Room Details)}), “$995”, “$895”), FIND(“$995”, {Price (from Room Details)}), “$995”), FIND(“$1,095”, {Price (from Room Details)}), “$1,095”), FIND(“$1,195”, {Price (from Room Details)}), “$1,195”), FIND(“$1,295”, {Price (from Room Details)}), “$1,295”), FIND(“$1,395”, {Price (from Room Details)}), “$1,395”), FIND(“$1,495”, {Price (from Room Details)}), “$1,495”)

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You have conflicting statements in your message. You first say that you want to do “high to low” and “low to high” output, which to me indicates showing a range of prices. Then you say that you want to only show the cheapest, which to me indicates a single price. Which is it?

It’s hard to parse the formula that you listed because it’s not formatted as code (I strongly recommend using the Preformatted Text feature of the post editor—click this button after entering/pasting your formula: </>—to make the formula a LOT easier to read).

If your goal is to display the lowest or highest price from a collection of values tied to linked records, this is easily done with a rollup field using either MAX(values) or MIN(values) as the aggregation formula. The downside with this, however, is that it’s only going to work with actual numbers, not numbers formatted as currency. That said, if the target field is a currency field, then the underlying data is actually a number (the dollar sign and thousands-separating comma are for display only), so it should work.