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If Blank Statement

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Hello- I am a formula novice. I have created a countdown formula to track how many years and months I have before my leases expire. If looks as follows:
({Remaining Term (YRS) (as of today)}& " years, "& Months)

This formula works well, but I cant seem to add a “IF” statement. that if my {Remaining Term (YRS) (as of today" field is blank, i.e., no date, that the formula returns the result “Vacant”

Any help would be appreciated.

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   {Remaining Term (YRS) (as of today)},
   {Remaining Term (YRS) (as of today)} & " years, " & Months,

If the fields {Remaining Term (YRS) (as of today)} and {Months} are numbers, Kamille’s formula will say “Vacant” when there are 0 years, but still some months.

Here is an alternative formula.

    {Remaining Term (YRS) (as of today)} & "",
    {Months} & ""
  {Remaining Term (YRS) (as of today)} & " year(s), " & Months & " month(s)",

Thank you!! These both worked perfectly.