Image Photo/merge ID with Airtable row into shopify

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Perfect world setup for product photo.

  1. Scan barcode before I take images of product
    (Image is given the correct product ID)
    I have found a system that can do that)
  2. Product ID comes from Airtable row - with predefined info on product info to be imported into shopify when the record/ row is finished.
  3. Example; I have some pre defined rows, 1 row per product ID, all fields are filled out like, title, price, cost, handle etc, all I need to change when I take the photo is size and color.

How do I make pre defined rows where I can scan a barcode before taking a picture, Airtable finds the row where I change color and size.
A form would be the ideal so I scan the barcode and add size and color on the form, and the info is added on the correct row.

After this is done the info I transferred into shopify via Zapier.
When I import the images to my cpu I can upload them to shopify directly.

Is this asking to much of the system or is the a wizard then can set this up?

Thanks in advance for posting your question! When someone provides an answer, remember to mark their reply as the :white_check_mark: solution.

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