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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi, I can’t figure out why this formula is giving me inconsistent results.

I’m trying to compare a manually entered figure (Labor) and compare it to a calculated figure (Calculated Labor).

I’m encountering some where I am returning a “no they don’t match” even if the figures match.


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Hi @Tim_Young - what is the formula for your {Calculated Labor}? I wonder if there’s something that happens there that means it doesn’t match even though it looks like it should.


That kind of issue almost always has to do with the fact that formula ouputs which you format to look like currency values are still holding full decimal values in the background. So even though your {Calculated Labor} field shows $192.36, in the background it is holding a value more like 192.3624846, and thus does not match the exactly typed in 192.36 in the {Labor} field.

To fix this, wrap the entire output of your {Calculated Labor} formula in

ROUND(<<the rest of your calculated labor formula here>>, 2)

That did it, thank you.

I would have thought that the field formatting options for decimal places would have been enough to set the value to two decimal places but I guess not.