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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys,
First time using Airtable, been trying to set it up for a nutritionist clinic and I ran into an issue. Hope I can receive some guidance here.

I have to tables
table1 has user_height, user_weight and user_bmi (calculated based on the height & weight)
table 2 has the bmi ranges min_bmi, max_bmi, bmi_status.
E.g. min_bmi = 1, max_bmi = 18.49, bmi_status = underweight
min_bmi = 18.5, max_bmi = 22.9, bmi_status = normal
min_bmi = 23, max_bmi = 27.49, bmi_status = overweight
min_bmi = 28, max_bmi = 100, bmi_status = obese

In order to retrieve the bmi_status, the calculated bmi needs to fall within the range of min_bmi and max_bmi.

How do I join table1 and table2 to get the bmi_status? Is it possible?

Expected output:
table1: user_id, height, weight, bmi(calculated), bmi_status (extracted from table2)

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Where was Airtable when I needed to learn a bunch of higher-order function patterns? Tricking me into just writing them would have worked way better than reading books with unnecessarily mean titles. 🥲

Either way, this new section is a super convenient reference for anyone.

EDIT: @Rose_K Seems like a good candidate for a featured resource spot, as well? Unless it’s already there and I’m just not seeing it.

@Dominik_Bosnjak Thanks for the call out!

This article is included in the featured resources currently (it’s the “Formula field reference” article). I just updated the description for that article to include a reference to expressions for those searching for that term. :slightly_smiling_face: