Integrating Airtable with MS Dynamics 365 via Zapier to accommodate updates to existing records

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4 - Data Explorer

Has anyone successfully integrated Airtable with D365, where any edits or updates to the records in Airtable successfully updates to D365? I’ve created the integration and initial tests work fine for first-time inserts, but when edits are made in Airtable, the record in D365 is not updated - rather - a new record is created with the updated info.

If you know of a solve, would be great if you could share.

Thanks in advance

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Hey Warren, unfortunately D365’s a premium tool on Zapier and so I can’t investigate this. That’s really weird though, so you’re using one of the Update Account type actions for D365, and it’s just creating new ones?

Any chance there might be trailing whitespaces that are being ignored in Airtable but picked up by D365, causing it to think it’s a new piece of data and thus creating it or something?

Given that you’re paying for Zapier, I do recommend you open a ticket with them about it though; my experience with paid Zapier support has always been pretty amazing, and since they have access to your Zap history too they’ll probably figure it out pretty fast too

Thanks Adam, I’ll do just that. I’ll check the white space idea, but as these are all generated automatically by other processes, shouldn’t have any white spaces.

Best of luck man, sorry I couldn’t help