Integration Gitlab and Airtable

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Good afternoon!
Task: integration Gitlab and Airtable.

Defenition of done:
1. Airtable has all the projects from git.
2. Airtable has all the tasks from git.
3. All new tasks in gitlab (for every project) appear in Airtable automatically
4. I can see metrics in Airtable:
- velocity
- each employee's workload by hours
5. I can see charts (diagramms) in Airtable:
- gant
- burndown
- cumulative
6. I can create reports in Airtable

Task condition:
- free version of gitlab is installed
- paid version of the gitlab with analytics is not suitable
- Airtable is only for management, so I will not moving development work (all tasks continue to be created in gitlab)

Question about the task: do I need to create users in Airtable to be able to read the analytics for the transferred tasks (from gitlab to Airtable) to ensure correct integration? For example, I have 10 developer accounts in gitlab (10 users).
Do I need to create 10 accounts in Airtable as well, so I can collect analytics on the tasks?
Or can I not create these 10 Airtable accounts so that I can collect analytics by task?

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