Is it possible to grant access to a table using a Webhook?

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m looking to create a form on my website which if a visitor enters their email, they get access my airtable.

Is there a way to use a webhook to send that email to airtable and grant access automatically?

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Welcome to the community, @Martin_Youssef!

What sort of access?

If you want to add them as a collaborator, that is not possible.

If you just want to send them a shared link to your base or a shared link to a view — so they can view your data in a read-only state — you can do that.

If you create a portal through a tool like, you could also do that too.

You could automatically email them a link that grants access to your base. However, there will be nothing preventing them from sharing that link to others who have not filled in the form.