Jotform <> Airtable Integration Bugs

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

:wave: Hey there!

I have a Jotform that is populating an Airtable base via the integration in Jotforms App Directiory.

Specifically this one


But there are two fields that are not loading properly:
Field 1:

  • Jotform Field: Yes/No question. I am assuming it evaluated as a boolean expression - aka a checkbox.
  • Airtable Field: Trying to map the yes/no question onto a checkbox

I believe this is the right route because I have another Yes/No question that I mapped on to a boolean checkbox and its working just fine!

Field 2

  • Jotform field: Long-text with enabled rich text formatting
  • Airtable field: long-text

This is mapped correctly on Jotforms side - but for some reason not a single response is coming through???

Any ideas or help? I’d really appreciate it!

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