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I have two tables linked and somehow it produced duplicated new records such that
Table A should just link to Table B “SKU001”, but it creates multiple Table B records “SKU001” “SKU001”.

I then try to combine these duplicated records by copy-paste duplicated “SKU001” links into one, but it it didn’t work… This means now I have 1500+ Table A missing the link.

How can I get these missing link Table A records without go through each record manually link them back? These Table A records all have different SKUs to link to.

Is there a way to get all the “Last Edit Value” in Table A, so I can just copy paste the latest edit back to the link? All records show I did remove SKU, I hope there is a way to read that value so I can copy-paste it in bulk.


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There is no way to get a previous value of a field through code.
You might be able to restore data from a snapshot.