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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello guys. Can you help me with a question?

We assume I have:
Table 1
| Name
| John
Table 2
| Office
| Deliveryman

Now I’m going to create a link for [Name: João] into Table 2:
Table 1
| Name | Link Cargo
| João | Deliveryman
Table 2
| Cargo | Link Name
| Delivery man | John

What I want at the moment is that only [Name João], be included in Table 2. This would solve the whole problem and not create a link in Table 1. But so far so good, because I can hide the Link Title of Table 1.

My difficulty is that when I delete [Link Name] from Table 2, there are always scattered and old links that are not automatically deleted. In my example, [Link Cargo] in Table 1 will remain there, even though I already deleted [Link Name] in Table 2.

Is there a way to delete links from other tables automatically, when I delete only 1 link?
Or at least manage those links that no longer serve me?


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