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Link the same data on multiple tables to one

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I am having a hard time understanding the many to many table linking situation and how it can help me. I have 2 tables with the same data columns. I want to combine both on a master table. My issue is when one column is linked to one table then how in the world will you on the next row down get the information from another Table I need?

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What are you trying to achieve here? It doesn’t look like you should have multiple tables here at all. 111 St and 222 At look like they could be in a Single Select field to me. You could then use different Views that filter by that field.

David, thanks for you response. Note I am aware this data can be placed in one table. What I have is multiple projects listed by address that have their own table. Each table has a separate user. I want that data to translate to the master table with the data columns repeated in each. Once in the same data order(columns) but not row order(just get in their) I am then grouping trades and companies for management to view lots of consolidated data for their use.

My intention is avoid data input into the master.

That still sounds like it would be better done in one table. You can then have a Master view, and different views for each address (or user). That is what Views are designed for. Airtable is not really designed to have tables that duplicate the same records as other tables.

In fact, what you probably want to do is have a separate table for Projects and then link the records you already have to the relevant projects. That way you’ll be able summarise data by project in the Projects table. Like below. Notice the different Views in the Things table.

Only work around is download the CSV for each table and combine them(table on top of each table keeping columns the same) and upload into one table. If someone has a better solution then I’ll await.


In agreement with @David_Skinner 's comments, it really is bad form to have multiple tables with the same data structure.

Even if there were a clean way to implement the idea of the ‘item master’ be a compilation of the other 2 tables, it would still change whenever the other tables data would change so there would be no actual difference in the data.

note at some point each table is done being worked on. Its not running on forever but the goal is ever time a new project/table is created the master table will include this data also.

Every project has a different table because they have specific views setup already. I want to take that Master Data from each table and compile it into one.\

I’ll take a look at that combining multiple AT support link and go from there.

So is there a solution for this? I am also looking for the same thing.