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I am looking to make a form that allows my salesperson to specify the amount of product and price for a customer from linked tables.  I have different tables in my base specifying what we have in stock, our customers, and the serial numbers to the products.  What I'm looking to do is create a product list question in forms where the salesperson can specify the number of that particular product and the price sold to that customer.  Though I've looked at Jotform and other form submissions, it doesn't have the exact capabilities I'm looking for.  Is there a way to do this in the Airtable forms?  Is there another solution besides making my salespeople write it out in a paragraph?  Help!  


Thanks! Hope you're having a great day!  🙂

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It feels like if you created a new table called "Sales" or something with the following fields:
1. Linked field to the table with stock so that sales people can select the correct product
2. Linked field to the customer that they're making this sale to
3. A number field to indicate quantity
4. A currency field to indicate price

And created a form view in that table it would do what you're looking to do, but I take it there's a business requirement I'm not understanding here?

So, if I wanted multiple products to be linked, how would you think I would accomplish this?  Each with different number boxes and prices.  

I'm afraid they're going to have to submit one form per product that the customer bought

If this isn't feasible, you'll need to look into a third party service that allows you to create linked records via a form, such as miniExtensions, On2Air Forms and Fillout I think