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6 - Interface Innovator

In my mobile app, a linked record shows the opposite order from how it is on desktop. I’m linking to records where the name starts with a date. In the desktop app, it shows the latest on top (that’s what I want), whereas on mobile it shows the oldest on top.

Does any know why? Feature or bug? Adding images of mobile vs. desktop below.


Screenshot 2021-09-04 at 17.37.02

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I don’t use the iOS app very often, and almost never create links in it, but my gut says that it might be a difference in how the iOS app was designed. Not sure why it’s different, though. Only the devs can say for sure, so I recommend reaching out to Airtable support directly about this.

Thanks, I guess I’ll have to reach out to them

Was this linked record field created before April 2020? Do you see the “Show linked records in reverse order” toggle in the field configuration? When you have a rollup based on the linked record field, does the order of the rolled-up information match the order in the linked record field, or is it in reverse?

Behind the scenes, new linked records are added to the end of the list. However, for linked record fields created before April 2020, the default was to show linked records in reverse order, with the most recently linked record first.

I’m guessing that your linked record field was created prior to April 2020 and is set to “Show linked records in reverse order”, but the mobile app may not respect this setting. If this is the case, I doubt that Airtable will change the mobile app to match the setting.

See this support article for more info.

Thanks, @kuovonne. What happens more specifically is that the order is not maintained when searching for something specific / a certain group of ingredients in our case (e.g. sugar). Exactly at that point, the desktop app differs from the mobile app, desktop app maintaining the order while the mobile app reverses the order. Or maybe it’s related to the date as the name of the cells being with a date. Maybe desktop shows latest, while mobile shows oldest. The “Show linked records in reverse order” doesn’t do anything for me and I’ve created a new linked record field to make sure it’s not a “prior to April 2020” problem.

I’ve reached out to the Airtable support, let’s see what they say!