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4 - Data Explorer

I have created a base so I can learn more about how Airtable works and I’ve tried to link records from one page/sheet/table to another and I think it’s pretty messy so I was wondering if someone could take a look and offer some advice on how I can correct it.

It’s a base of Movies that I’ve seen myself and I have sheets for the Actors from the movie as well as the writer/director/producer. This has raised several issues.
For starters, there are duplicate writer/director/producer fields in the movie table and I don’t know why.
Secondly, sometimes an Actor is also a writer/producer/director in the same movie so I would like these to be linked.
Thirdly, in the Movie table I would like the Actors entry to be at the top as it’s more important than the Writer/Producer/Director information but I can’t see how to change where it’s displayed atm.

Hopefully this link works:

Movie Base

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hmm, I think some of these issues can be addressed - but can you try another link to share the base? The one you posted doesn’t seem to be sending me to the right place (just Airtable’s home screen).

I’ve updated the link. I tested it in another browser so it should work.

Hmm, strange, still not working for me both logged in and in incognito/private browsing :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe a public view link? The links seems to be an invite link(?).

Strange and frustrating.

Here’s the view link:

That links no good as it only shows one sheet. This link does work I’ve just tested it again.

I can’t access the Base either

Check the original post. I have re added the link there. If it doesn’t work then Airtable Community is blocking me because I only just signed up for a community account today and possibly don’t have enough reputation or something to be allowed to post links.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Whew! Got it to work from the page by clicking the ‘’ link in the header …strange. Will look at it now to see.


The duplicate fields look like the remnants of previous link fields which have reverted to be text fields - have you removed and re-added the links. I think you can delete these.

I think I would go with a structure where you just have a single table for the people (with a multi select to say which categories they are (Actor/Producer/Director/Writer) perhaps. This would make it easier to work with I think.

For the second point, this isn’t so easy because of the fact that there can be more than one of each type of person involved in the movie - I think to achieve this you would have to start looking at a structure where you have a movie table then a ‘sub table’ with the people in (with an indication of their role). This sounds as though it would be more difficult but would allow you to see a clear list of everyone in the movie by using a view grouped by movie.

To move a field in a view, you can simply drag the column with it’s heading - or go into Hidden Fields and move it there.

Some of the decisions on how to do this would depend on what you want to be able to do with the data once you have it.

I totally missed that I could just move a column. I was opening up a record and trying to find a way to move the “actors” section higher. So thanks for that.

Multiple select does sound like a good idea but I’m confused by your mention of “sub table” How do I create a sub table off an existing table?