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6 - Interface Innovator


Would request support on this.

In short/Summary: Need to enter a text field value through a form, which ideally is a unique valued used to link another table inside the base. If I link, then in the form - it gives as a pop up/list to choose from the form submitter is not able to enter a new value and has limited options. Can it be done by just using airtable ? Also, what is difference between jotform and openair form ? What features open air form gives in addition to jotform?

Consider Table A, with columns ‘email id’,‘Event name’, ‘start date’ , ‘End date’,‘Phone no.’
Column "phone no.’ in Table A is linked with another Table B, where modified values are shown.

A form is filled in Table A, any changes in data are reflected in Table B. Since column “phone no” is linked, we cant manually enter the phone no. in the form but has to select it from the given options.

Linking with another column with unique values('Event name, email id) can also be done, but again that value has to be selected & not manually entered while filling the form.

Also, we want only one unique value to be entered in the form along with other fields & get the corresponding changes in Table B.

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Hi @sourav_kumar - I think this post can solve your problem: