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Lists of common criteria between tabs

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We are building a freelancing platform with different tabs : USER, PROJECT, ect…

For those different tabs we have common criteria such as Country, Expertise, Hard skills, Soft Skills, Language ect…

How to build the Airtable to get this list always the same (& updated) between USERS & PROJECTS ?

Thank you in advance for your valuable support.


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The best way to keep the list of options the same across the two tables is to use a linked record field that links to the same table.

For example, have a “hard skills” table with the list of hard skills. Then have both the USER and PROJECT tables link to the “hard skills” table. When you add a hard skill to the table, it will show up as an option in both of the other tables.

If you prefer the look and feel of a single select or multi-select field you will need a manual workflow that ensures you keep both in sync. There are some manual workflows that involve code that can make the process easier. For example, you could have a script that creates the option in both fields in both tables. But you still need to manually run the script.

Very clear, thanks a lot.
Would be interested to get a quote for the implementation of the 2nd option with single select / multi-select fields / code / scripts.