Login to airtable requested from link with HTML data returned

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi there,

I am trying to obtain data from an airtable link. I only have a basic link (not API) and an API key.

example link: Sign in - Airtable
example key: keyMYCOOLKEY

When I use the link above, I get a HTML page back with data, but I can see it asks me for login. This causes a JSON syntax error on my end because my system can’t process the HTML when the data does not exist within it that it needs to see.

When I use the link and change the app, tbl it viw characters for testing I get a page not found back and then I know that the original link should actually give a result - just need to have a way to “sign in” using the API key.

If I add the API key at the end of the URL, it makes no difference. If I pass the api_key as Bearer with curl via a local Test PHP, then I only get back Found. Redirecting to /login

How do I use the link and API key as they are and pass them correctly to get HTML data back, which contains the data required, instead of having the login issue?

The aim is that my system grabs the HTML data and extracts a portion of it, which is JSON data and then uses this for importing purposes.

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