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Lookup one value from multiple linked records

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I have a table TEAMS and another with MATCHES, each match has a SCORE.

I want to show the most recent score for each team but looking at all of their linked matches and then doing a lookup on the match with the latest created at date. Is that possible?

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Follow the instructions given in this very similar thread.

That works, thank you! Do you know if its possible to style the result colum (the fomula) so it looks like a single select / lets me group like a single select? I could just use automations here i suppose?

No, it is not possible to style a formula result to look like a single select. It is possible to group records in the Grid view based on the formula result, but it is not possible to put items in a KanBan view based on formula results. You could use automations to copy the formula result to a single select field, but the added complexity to your base probably isn’t worth the visual changes.

OMG. thankyou SO MUCH. 4 hours of searching to find an answer.
Theres whole feeds on here of ppl trying to find this solution, but i cant find them now.

Thanks for the link to it #mademyday